Thursday, 18 April 2013

Want to be a master ?

It is quite known that if you want to master at something you have to spend approximately 10 000 hours on it.
Thinking how many hours i have spent on poker.. well, it should be close to 9 000 hrs, that means if everythings will go right somewhere in the middle of next year i could become a "master" of this game, lol.
But the true fact is that you definitely can't feel like a master in this game ever because there is still a lot of things to learn to understand better and of course who knows my poker background has to know there is no chance i can say it about MTT or CG even a little.

After spending to many hrs not surprising thing is you can't learn too much at all anymore. There is not many "Aha momenet's" left means that is so much harder to be better in this game.

Anyway, i think there always be a lot of room for the improvement at the psychical aspects. Just to be mentally stronger (especially at the bad times) and this makes the differences between being good and great (the best one).

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