Thursday, 9 May 2013

Lifetime achievement

Today i manually updated my PS client because i could not connect before the start of my 1st session. Sure that wasn't that cause, in that time server was restarted but sometimes i 1st do some random action before reading any news in the client.

Suddenly after updating i seen a new icon behind my SN status. That's a lifetime achievement, you can get it if you get over 1 million VPP's.

It can not be so amazing for me as it might seems coz there is another thousands ppl having it. Also a part of me is still saying you should have it much more earlier if you would decided to go for SNE. Yes thats true but who cares about SNE ? Not everyones....

More interesting is to be the one with a certain profit and be only 1 million vpps sng player.
Not many ppl have it and go this way.

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