Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Another milestone soon ?.....

Regarding last post i don't like to say this but i have stopped my HU transition.
I am not that kind of person who changes plans often but i decided to spend that time another way (yea my dear friend Martcho, i am back in the business).
Someday i would like to continue in that because think i learned too many things just to throw them away.

Last weeks it's been tough for my profit line. I am slowly but surely reaching the "milestone" 1000 buy-ins under EV and all of that under last 98 playing hrs.
Basically If you play so long, played hundreds of thousands of tournaments it has to come.
Yep, but within 100 hrs ? No one would expect it at all, wouldn't ?

How is your feelings ?
At the end of each session you just wish to see EV=profit line, not really any much more.
Thinking about running better than EV is out of my mind.

Hope my opponents spend my EV money wisely, coz ill take it back someday anyway only if PS allows it (of course, they do not).


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  2. Not every bankroll is capable to handle so much. It's really "unreal". Hope you got it back till these days! GL

  3. sorry, I have already spent it on hookers. I guess what I am trying to say is...thank you! :D Nice blog btw ;)

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