Tuesday, 27 August 2013

There it is....

This is that short video of my standard regular session. I am not saying this is an optimal way how to play a poker but it suits me from point of view of action and giving me 300 tournaments / 1 hr which is trully interesting number.
Also need to say sometimes it is pretty hard to hold up this tempo for more than 1 hour realizing you make more than 3600 decisons within that time. Forget playing this style more than 2 hrs without a break, i have found it as an impossible mission. But no big deal you can adjust this.
Another important thing might be a question how many misclicks you make by this play. It depends how much tired (mentally and physically) you are. There are the times you can handle 35 tables without any misclick and then moments you suck at 25 tables. I am not playing strictly 30 tables it varies from 25-40 but given last PS problems with high multitabling i stay rather close to 30 tables and not trying more in these times.


  1. Haha EPIC MUSIC AND INTRO! I wish it was this exciting in real life haha =D